Hey there, welcome to the cabin on a hill.


Our family owns 75 acres about 20 miles outside of Yosemite National Park near highway 120. The elevation is about 3200 feet, and the temperature varies from 15 degrees in the winter to 100 degrees in the summer.

The property lies at the southern end of California Gold Country, and the geography, topography, flora and fauna are typical for the region: red clay dirt, forest fire ecology, manzanita, oak, pine, fir, some cedar, and so on.

We’re bordered on one side by the Stanislaus National Forest, and if one was so inclined, one could step off our land and walk (or ride a horse) all the way into Yosemite Valley.

Over the years we’ve put up a cabin, garage and studio and accumulated a nice stock of tools and art supplies.

There is also a 6 hole disc golf course, miles of hiking trails, and plenty of shady flat places for you to pitch your tent when you come up for a visit.