Art Farm

Aside from being a very nice place in and of itself, about 20 miles outside of Yosemite, our property is intended to be an art farm, a place where art is grown. This is accomplished through land sculpting, the creation of site specific art or art collections, and hosting gatherings of creative and artistic friends.


Visitors are encouraged to contribute to the ongoing effort by bringing things which can be incorporated into the permanent collection.

The dominant elements of the property are the topography, the vertical pine, the stem and canopy oak, the light and the movement of the air. There are also a lot of stumps and fallen trees on the ground. The palette is muted California foothill green, iron rich dull brick color dirt, and the various shades of oak, pine and fir bark, and the bleached silver of fallen trees and brush. Colors and light vary widely by season.


The weather cycles from a low of about 15 degrees in the winter to 100 degrees in the summer.

In a normal year, it rains 30 inches and snows a few times, the snow rarely lasting more than a week or two on the ground before it melts.

Objects which work in this environment are mirrors, bells, chimes, crystals, rocks, vertical columns, organic forms, stone, wood.