Crystal and Peter came up Friday, bringing steak and sausage and Jameson. We ate, we drank, we played and sang. We went to bed.

Saturday morning, everybody was up, and coffee’d and lightly breakfasted we headed off to Yosemite Valley.

It was pretty darned crowded.

Ah well, Peter parked a little ways from the Bridalveil Falls parking lot, and we headed up the side of the road towards Wawona for .3 miles past the parking lot, looking for the old Wawona stage coach road. We found it!

It’s still in good enough shape to hike on, so up we hiked. The old road is built pretty close to the valley wall in places, on top of the rubble which has peeled off and fallen from above. Since it’s been such a good rain year, there are streams and waterfalls flowing everywhere. Several streams of snowmelt crossed the old stage road in several places, until our way was finally blocked about a mile up, by a waterfall crossing and flowing off the side of the old road.

Alas, we had to turn back.

No problem, we hiked the Valley Loop trail over to the Swinging Bridge, then had lunch at Yosemite Lodge. The shuttle dropped us off at the El Capitan Bridge, from which we trudged back to the car and drove, weary and content, back to the cabin.

Everyone slept very well indeed after hiking 10 miles on a fine spring day.


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