Spring = Sprung

Our featured image today is of a jack rabbit from 200 yards with my awesome new camera. I was struck by the hypo-toad intensity of this rabbit’s baleful stare.

Rabbits are the theme of this visit, because they are scampering off everywhere as I hike around the property. I guess the coyotes I saw earlier this year are elsewhere…


Lupines would be the other theme of this visit. Stupifying vistas of green grass carpeted with purple lupines, like being in a French impressionist painting.


And birds. Lots of birds. Bluebirds always look so stern and cranky. “You lookin’ at me!?”


Whereas woodpeckers look sort of affable, but blank, as if they’d taken too many head shots. Delivered, um, by their beak, um, to their skull.

It rained for a few hours a couple days ago. The creek is running, and this year has all the hallmarks of a hellacious mosquito year.

But right now, today, this evening, as the sun is going down and the mornings and evenings are still cool, everything… is… perfect.


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