New Camera on a Hill

I keep a Nikon D3100 up here on the hill because the place and the local critters are all so photogenic. The D3100 is a great DSLR and I’ve owned it for many years, and wasn’t really looking for an upgrade. That is, until we got a Nikon Coolpix P900 for work.

The Coolpix is roughly the same form factor as the D3100, albeit a little bulkier.  But oh what a difference a lens system makes. I have a standard 18mm – 70mm zoom lens on the D3100. The Coolpix P900 comes with an integrated 4.2mm – 357mm zoom lens delivering a whopping 83X magnification. The onboard image stabilization makes for some seriously crazy closeups.

coolpix2So, I knew I had to get one for the cabin.

Here it is with the zoom fully extended.

Because it is about the same size and bulk as the D3100, it easily fits in the same camera bag as my old D3100.

I can’t wait to use it for some critter shots.



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