Cavalcade of Critters

The golden glow of the sun had just spread across the hilltop, and I was opening up the curtains in the bedroom. A flash of movement caught my eye and I watched a large, handsome jackrabbit loping along the gravel road which circles the hill and then scamper down the side. Jackrabbits are fascinating creatures, visually. They look like hunched over old men with long ears, and when they run the effect is both magnified and very creepy. It’s like watching your grandfather scabbling across the ground on all fours. Brr.

Anyway, I was charmed and wondered where the rabbit was scampering off to.

A few minutes later, I had my answer. There was a coyote standing in the back yard, looking off in the direction the rabbit’d gone. A very beautiful, elegant looking creature, I grabbed the camera and snapped off pictures while it crossed the back yard and went down the other side of the hill.


Off he went and that was that.

But when I looked out the front window in the kitchen, there was his mate and a young pup loping through the trees along the edge of the front yard.


The coyote’s mate was also beautiful. The pup was a gray color but too low to the ground to capture with the camera.



Zero complaints.


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