And the wind blew and the rain fell

It rained for three days straight, and the wind blew in gusts and sustained driving rushes. In the middle of a pelting wet blow, I see a small bird perched nonchalantly at the top of a waving pine tree. It’s always a marvel at how something so small and lightweight can exist in the sky at all, much less in such a tempest, while even the trees are bent and in some cases cast down.

creek3 Boy did a lot of rain fall. All the creeks were flowing like mad.

All the low places were filled with water in puddles and small shallow ponds.

There are a number of oaks in the meadow at the bottom of the hill which are old, but stunted and twisted. After some pondering, it was decided they were victims of a low water table in the meadow, drowning victims.

And yup, each of them were sitting in large bodies of water fed by multiple creeks. In some places at the base of the hill, gopher holes were gushing water, unwitting parts of the land’s drainage system.

snowIt stopped raining yesterday morning, so this morning I went out to burn some brush piles near the cabin.

I was working on a pile of old dead wet manzanita when the temperature started to drop, around 10 degrees in half an hour, and then suddenly it started to snow.

This has been a weird, wet winter.




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