Dramatic Lighting

California is looking plump and green and pleased with itself. On the way up to the cabin, the San Joaquin, Fresno and Merced Rivers had water in them, and every passing lake, pond, creek and reservoir was either full or overflowing.

The creeks are certainly running up here, and sadly, the road up to the cabin needs repair and attention to drainage before the next storm.


It was late afternoon by the time I arrived, and the sky was filled with some of the darkest, most foreboding clouds I’ve seen up here. The slanting sun broke through for a while and illuminated a fantastical, dramatic scene.

Then the rainbow happened.


I laughed out loud when I saw it so unexpected and perfect towards the end of the day.  And then, as evening started to fall and the light to drain from the sky, Youngest Daughter’s hummingbird ornaments started to glow.


Zero complaints.


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