Cedar sure is beautiful. And I got lots.

It rained all last night and the creek is swollen down by the burn pile. One reason it only took all day and all night to burn is that as I was going through the debris pile, I was pulling out all the larger cedar logs and loping off the branches and piling it up to save for later. Had I not set aside the logs, the fire would have been slow cooking for a week (and smoking out the neighbors…)

cedar1Among the advantages of cedar versus, say, pine, is that the log of a young cedar tree does not taper like a pine. The logs are a pretty uniform diameter on both ends.

The other thing about cedar is the wood itself is beautiful. I couldn’t help but admire the fresh stumps as works of art.

I’m going to be salvaging as much of the larger pieces of cedar as possible for future art or landscaping projects.

It also looks like firewood won’t be an issue for several years to come.

As always, the problem up here is how to move the volume and weight of material for working with, storing and burning.

Meanwhile, there is a lot more debris and dropped trees to clean up.



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