Brunch Buddies

11:00 has been a pretty awesome critter time up here yesterday and today.

Yesterday I was sitting at the kitchen table looking out the window and saw a bobcat sauntering across the road in front of the cabin and down the side of the hill. Amazing (except to note the bobcat was pretty big and seemed to be made of pure muscle, gulp!) I was too astonished and the camera too far away to get a picture. It’s probably the one which I got a photo of from the trail cam months ago.

deerartToday I was working on the drainage of the road segment which loops around the top of the hill, and had come up to the front door from one side and come into the cabin and look through the bedroom and out the window and there are three deer under the live oak by the road I’d just been working on, munching away on the acorns fallen on the ground.

The group consisted of an older, larger doe, a younger doe, and a little fawn. The larger doe chased the younger one away from some good acorns a couple times.

They spent about 20 minutes munching their way across the hill and then down the other side.

Speaking of art, the double sided mirror thingee has been hanging outside for a couple days and is pretty mesmerizing, especially in the morning and late afternoon when the sun reflects off the tiles and sends beams out over the trees and down the hill.

Because it sparkles and flashes, I had wondered what the effect would be on wildlife. Looks like it’s not a problem.



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