Falling Autumn

fall1It’s been a dry year in a string of dry years, even with the slight boost in rain from the last El Nino.

So it was with some eagerness I came up to get ready for the first so-called proper rain of this rain season.

Our driveway is almost a quarter of a mile long, and I wanted to do some work on the drainage, especially where the Bobcat used by the tree crew had torn up some runoff channels.

The soil here is mostly clay, and after it had been churned up by the Bobcat treads, it lay in drifts of incredibly fine dust a foot thick. My feet sunk down deep with every step.



rainAfter raking flat the torn up ground, I spread around 60 yards of wood chips Steve Costa had dropped off, a huge pile which took several hours of shoveling and wheel barrowing. Valuable effort, I thought, sweating, because there’s this big storm coming and it’s important to get ready for the rain.



fire1Finally, after clouds collecting all day, and then the approach of that heavy ominous feeling before a storm, the first drops fell! Yay! I was ready with my camera! And then for several hours it hardly rained at all, finally giving up the effort as not worth it and stopping before midnight. Okay, big deal. We’ll see what happens in the next couple of days.

Because it was at least damp outside with a watery film coating the surrounding foliage, I did celebrate with the first wood stove fire of the season.

Another reason I hurried up here before it started raining was to cut firewood. I start every year with a laughably inadequate supply of dry firewood to last and this year looks like it will not deviate from that pattern.

In other news, I picked up an old dried up bird wing which had been laying in the road for a couple months and brought it up to the cabin to join our growing bird feathers (and other parts) collection.  But enough blogging. Time to go chop firewood like the Zen.

Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.



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