Mid September

A busy week.

The tree crew came and cut down around 30 large cedar trees over the course of four days. That’s Mark bucking the downed tree in the photo and Josh is driving the Bobcat.

The Bobcat is a little tractor with heavy duty lift arms to which a large number of devices may be attached. This one was outfitted with a claw for grabbing and lifting large heavy logs to be moved to stacks for taking away. The local roads are busy with logs being trucked out.

My old buddy Dan was up for a few days, and we went down into Yosemite Valley for lunch at the Awahnee or whatever it’s called now. The dead tree blight was visible everywhere. It was very sobering to see stands of dead 130 foot tall pines in Yosemite.

On the day of the nearby forest fire, 5 different aircraft made over 100 trips directly over the cabin to put it out.

It grew to over 100 acres, but no effort was spared in fighting it. With all the dead trees in the forest a small fire can quickly grow out of control and consume hundreds of square miles.

This large red cargo helicopter spent the next day going back and forth to make sure the job was done.

snake2Okay, so wasps are carnivores and eat dead snakes in the road. Now I know.

But other than that, it’s been a great visit to the cabin with regards to interacting with the local wildlife.

Lots of rabbits. A doe walked up to within 20 feet of me before deciding to bound off into the manzanita. The blue birds flashing in the first rays of morning. The barking of a coyote over on the other ridge next to the sheep ranch the last few evenings.


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