Well, Hello, Autumn

It got down to 48 degrees last night, and a nice cool breeze instantly whipped up with the sunrise and has been blowing ever since, dragging some clouds along with it from the south.

Time to seriously attend to cutting and storing firewood for the winter. It gets darned cold up here and there are few pleasures equal to drinking a little something sitting next to the wood stove while the sun is setting on the snow outside. But yes, time to cut firewood.

Here’s the thing, though. The cabin…is on…a hill.

Autumn and early winter up here include the slog of getting logs and branches from somewhere lower and not so close to the cabin up to the cabin for cutting into firewood.

All the nearby firewood was consumed long long ago, and the simple pleasure of sitting by the glowing wood stove requires some forethought, some expenditure of logistics, and some effort. (My fitbit informs me I did 50 flights of stairs and walked 12 miles yesterday.)

So, hello, Autumn.


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