Oh Great, a Forest Fire

fire2“Goodness,” I thought to myself around 2:30 PM today, “There sure is a lot of air traffic suddenly, right over the cabin.”

I got up and went outside and followed the flight path of a twin engine prop plane south over the ridge where the fire lookout overlooks the best view in California and oh shit there is a bunch of forest fire smoke to the south.

There are certain things you don’t want to see at certain times.

For instance, on a creepy windy night with no moon and the old oak tree scratching at the window, you don’t want to pull the curtains aside and see an animated corpse lurching towards you with no good intent reflected in its cold dead eyes. Brr!

fire3Likewise, when you are surrounded by 70 million dead or dying trees, you don’t want to see the birth plume of a newborn forest fire somewhere south over the ridge and all sorts of CalFire aircraft hurrying to and fro. Like, right over your roof.

Now a little later, the smoke plume has dissipated, but the 2 CalFire planes and the helicopter with the bucket keep coming and going ever half hour or so, presumably to dump and renew their loads of fire retardant.

I once heard a CalFire honcho remark:  “We don’t put out fires. We pour money on them and wait for it to rain.”


Hi ho!

fire4It’s around 4:30 and holy cow!

A twin engine CalFire jet bomber is flying low over the ridge, heading over to drop retardant on the fire!

So far there is one helicopter, two twin prop fixed wing planes and now this monster working to put out this fire.

CalFire is really going all out. This taxpayer appreciates the effort.



Update: the fire is called the “Old Fire”. Here is some more info: http://www.mymotherlode.com/news/local/273135/forest-fire-burning-near-pilot-peak-dubbed-old-fire.html

Now it’s 6:00 and another helicopter has joined in. Both helicopters are filling their buckets at the US Forest Service yard at Buck Meadows, a few miles up the road from our place.


Almost 7:00 PM now, not seeing any smoke over the ridge, but the prop planes are still coming and going.

Here’s hopin’.

(I heart fire fighters)



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