End of August

A quick trip up with Peggy and Carly this last weekend to spend a few days with some old high school friends of Peggy’s, the Dumais family, visiting California from Brooklyn.

It’s cooled down at the cabin in the last couple weeks, with high temperatures in the nineties and fine evenings, perfect for comfortable tent sleeping.

As it has been for the last several (very dry) summers, the air is hazy with the smoke of the several different fires currently raging in the state. Depending on the wind, some days are better than others.

It’s been great that so many folks have visited the cabin on a hill this year, that’s what the place is for. The Dumais family deserves special praise on a couple of points:

  1.  They showed up with a bottle of Hendricks gin, ready to make and drink proper martinis* (alas! we have no cocktail shaker, a situation to be corrected upon my next visit!)
  2. They are physically fit and in prime shape. After a long plane flight followed by a long car ride, they were ready to hike, and to hike seriously.

tuolumneSo we took them up to Tuolumne Meadows.

Heh. Funny thing about the weather up in the high country. Even though the cabin’s at an elevation of 3200ish feet and about 20 miles from Yosemite, inside Yosemite at an elevation of 8000 feet the weather can be very different.

And so it was that we found ourselves arriving in the middle of a summer thunder storm rolling on through.

Again, the shining parts of the Dumais family were on full display. As big fat sloppy rain drops fell from the sky, and thunder rumbled ominously in the distance, we all hiked up the road towards Parson’s lodge and the Glenn Aulen Trail to show them Mount Annika, a hike of about 2.5 miles in and then 2.5 miles back out.

Was that enough? No. Were they satisfied? No. And so, further on down the trail, Mount Eliza (named after the eldest daughter) was discovered and scaled, to great acclaim.

It was a tired but happy group which reconvened much later that night at the cabin for dinner and happy hour.

We had to sadly come down off the hill, back to our sad work-a-day lives, but the Dumais are hanging out at the cabin for the rest of the week and doing different day trips into Yosemite. It was Hetch Hetchy yesterday, the Valley today and then the Glacier Point Trail up the rim.

We look forward to the after action reports from our intrepid friends. (And martinis!)

* It has already been pointed out to me by many people that EVERYONE shows up at the cabin on a hill with a bottle of booze and why am I overly praising the Dumais family for merely doing the civil, which has led to several conversations about Hendricks and the first sip of an icy martini on a hot summer evening and so on. Please. Stop. We love all visitors equally. But if the bar is raised a little by this visit, we can all only profit from the experience from here on out. At least know there will be a cocktail shaker waiting.


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