Ever since Peggy and I were tromping around in May and encountered a rattlesnake, I’ve tread very lightly and with much trepidation in my rambles, a sort of post traumatic snake syndrome.

There are a lot of sticks on the ground up here, and everyone of them looks like a snake to my conscious mind.

This morning when it was only in the 90s, I was walking down the hill to go carry back up some large chunks of white quartz I’d seen the previous day. (more on that later some day)

My unconscious mind saw a snake on the ground and caused me to freeze briefly and lurch backward. It took me a couple of seconds of scanning the ground to see why. My conscious mind had been sending me a steady stream of false positives for about 10 days of hiking around up here, and first time the apparatus engages a true positive signal it does the right thing first time.

Dang. Our hardwiring is impressive.

It turns out my little friend was a gopher snake.



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