Darned Hot

hvacIt’s July in the Sierra foothills. It is hot. It is darned hot. Knowing it was going to be darned hot during my visit, I brought up a secret weapon to help keep me alive during the burning times.

Behold, my new best friend.

I can endure up to about 100 degrees with windows open and ceiling fans, but today is just too darned hot so we’re taking the Honeywell out for a test drive.

The unit came with all the fixings to vent it out a window and plugs into a standard household wall outlet.

Normally I try to stomp with as light a carbon footprint as I can up here. But when it gets this hot,  my moral compass starts to point in a more energy intensive direction.

Like right now.

The unit reports the indoor temperature now at a more comfortable 75 degrees, down from the previous 90 degrees.

Time for a nap!



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