Water System,Revisited


Yeah, so the 3,000 gallons of water were delivered and the holding tank was filled.


A conversation I’d had with the delivery truck driver, Becky, stimulated a notion, and as soon as the truck was down the driveway and lumbering back up the road, I ambled over to the well pump house.

The submersible pump in the well brings water up and then under the driveway in a pipe to the 3,000 gallon holding tank. From there, another pump moves the water from the holding tank up the hill to the cabin.

Last week, when the holding tank ran dry and there was no more water coming out of the faucets in the cabin, the problem was traced back to the well pump not pumping water into the big holding tank. I found a dead mouse in the main fuse box, removed it and replaced the fuses but still no water coming up from the well.

I ordered the water delivery as a hedge against not being able to solve the problem, and calls to our well/pump/plumber guy went unanswered.

So the water was just delivered. I walked over to the pump house, opened the breaker box on the back, killed all the circuit breakers, opened up the pump house, and squatted down in the hot sun and put on my glasses and opened the plastic cover off the well pump switch and, of course, saw a bunch of little dead shapes tangled up in the relay contacts: ants.

A pine needle was employed to delicately brush them out of the works, and the relay unset and reset using the manual switch, the cover replaced, and the circuit breakers flipped back, lighting up the whole works.

The low hum of vibration of the pump 200 feet below sending water through the pipes over to the holding tank caused me to flash back over the previous several days of preparing for the water delivery, the hauling and filtering of water in the meantime. Ah yes.

So anyway, there is laundry going and toilets flushing and clear sparkling water coming out of the faucets, and next time a mouse or bat or wild boar or something crawls into the fuse box and explodes and the ants which come to devour the blasted carcass foul the pump relay contacts, well I’ll know what to do.

Updated: the hissing noise coming from the pressure tank next to the holding tank and the water covering the 4 foot by 4 foot pad of the holding tank pump house.. Just.. Does.. Not.. Bode.. Well…

I filled every single possible water storage unit and await the future with clenched fists and  several toilet flushes in reserve.

Bring it on.





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