News From the Neighborhood

One of our neighbors from down the hill across the road, Karine, came up the driveway walking her dog Sage, a big old mellow german shepherd.

The big news in the neighborhood is that Don and Barbara, an older couple who have 5 acres at the bottom of the hill bordering our land, sold their place and are now living in a nice house in Sonora in a little neighborhood owned by the Seventh Day Adventists. They had been getting on in years and the keeping the place up was too much for them.

Their house and land had been purchased by a fellow who runs a rock climbing and back packing guide company, and on the weekends it houses a dozen or so young people who work as guides, field staff, etc.

I had no idea! They are the quietest neighbors a person could ever hope for. But it all fit in. I’ve been heading down the hill over into the neighborhood to bring back water from our 6 acres down there, and have been surprised by how many cars were parked in what I thought was still Don and Barbara’s place.

That also explains the slack line strung between two trees by the garage. Don and Barbara’s slack lining days are long behind them, may they prosper and be happy in their golden years, bless them.


On the topic of wild life, this has not been a particularly special visit in the way of birds, but definitely up there for rabbits (small adorable bunnies and the weird and ancient human looking Jacks) and deer. I saw a couple of young bucks one morning, and a couple of does and their fawns another morning. The fawns were terminally cute, like living rubber bands hopping rapidly along after mamma.

Every morning around 6:30AM, the sound of chainsaws whining can be heard from near and far, punctuated by the crashing and thudding of big trees going down. The huge number of trees killed by drought and bark beetle has led to a spring and summer of logging to remove all the dead timber.

We’re still waiting for our tree guy to schedule our own few dozen deaders.

But really, the big news is the blackberries are starting to get ripe! I was bringing 10 gallons of water back and had to stop and catch my breath and there before me is, well, yes, a wall of thorns, but some of the thrones had ripe blackberries!

Elsewise, getting along famously on the human powered water supply. 2,500 gallons of the good stuff is coming up Saturday via the local potable water deliver truck. I spent a couple hours this morning cutting a road through the manzanita (die! die!) for the truck to get right up to the water tank. Oh yes. Still no word back from my plumber/pump/well guy.

You start to appreciate every toilet flush from a whole different angle when you carry the water up hill for each and every one. Oh my oh my yes.

Come on , Saturday!


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