Oh Yeah


I went to the store this morning and freshened up the supplies and bought 4 gallons of drinking water, a gallon of milk and a gallon of orange juice. This is hydration city.

Well okay, what about the toilets which need 2 gallons per flush, and what about my daily shower?

The failed water supply was discovered on a Saturday, calls were placed, it is a weekend, now it is Sunday, and so we need to make due. And oh yeahhhhhh, there’s the other water system across the road which is solar powered and hasn’t been used in about 5 years and who knows if it works.

It turns out it does work, and now toilets are flushing and all is well in the land of Oz until such time as the local well, water system and pump guy returns my calls.

Update: Monday 7/18/2016 called the good folks at Sonora Water Delivery for a delivery of 2,000 gallons of drinking water and it will be here in a few days. The cost is basically $110 per hour for the truck and $20 for the water. Wow! A couple hundred bucks and water delivered through the faucet while the pump is being debugged. And then, if the well and/or pump is protracted, new best friends at Sonora Water Delivery!





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