Water System

Okay, so I woke up from a nap, went to the kitchen, turned on the faucet, and nothing came out.

For us country folk, that’s the start of a bad day, maybe a bad week, maybe a bad month.  I cursed vehemently and eloquently for several seconds. I closed my eyes. I opened them. I tried the faucet again. Nothing.

Breathe I said to myself, breathe.

So I tromped down the hill and first checked the holding tank and the pressure tank. I heard the whirring of the pressure tank pump. No water in the holding tank (3000 gallons, holy shit!) and flipped the breakers for the pump. It went silent. I sniffed and detected no smell of burnt bearings or insulator or plastic or money or whatever. Okay, that at least was a good sign.

So I walked across the driveway over to the pump house where the electrical service also enters the property.

Debugging water or electrical problems, or hell, even Internet problems, involves working the chain backward. If the holding tank is dry, the well pump hasn’t delivered water for a long time. A long time. It’s a 3,000 gallon tank.

So you start by checking the rigging. You look for water on the ground, a leak, but no, nothing. Then you look towards the electrical system. You check the breakers and fuses and wiring.

And then you find the empty, blasted, destroyed remains of a mouse in one of the wiring boxes with the main fuses.


Think we found the problem.



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