When the simple is not easy

It is time to do some concrete work.

Except, sigh.

It would be simple if a tree or bush or grass or something needed to be cut down. It would be simple if lumber needed to be cut to size and nailed or screwed together. It is simple to cook a meal. It is simple to keep the place clean.

It is not simple to start making things out of concrete up here.

It’s simple to cut something down because of the variety of cutting implements accumulated and stored in the garage. It is simple to build something out of lumber because of the pile of lumber and nails and screws and powered construction tools accumulated and stored in the garage. It’s simple to cook a meal because of the set of utensils and crockery and what have you accumulated and stored in the kitchen. And it is simple to clean because of the  cleaning tools and supplies accumulated and stored throughout.

And that is all simple because of the house and garage.

But now the house and garage are full and it is time to start working in concrete and it is not simple.

First, there is the concrete, in 60 or 80 pound bags. There are tons of projects to do: everything from steps to retaining walls to sculptures so we are going to need lots and lots of concrete. Then we’re going to need rebar and wire, and the tools to bend and cut it. And of course, we’re going to need a cement mixer, and all the tools to move and smoothe the cement both when it is wet and after it hardens.

And we’re going to need a new workshop to store it and keep it dry and unstolen.

So I’ve been walking around the last couple days cogitating on where to put the new workshop and the design of the place, the doors, windows, electricity and water.

Sometimes, it’s just not simple.



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