The Non-Denominational Dell

The Non-Denominational Dell is the first of many place specific art installations on our property.

This area of the property has been set aside as a quiet, contemplative place, home to gods and heroes, the four elements, and the thoughts and memories for those who have passed.

dell2In addition to several sculptures and figures, a tree rises from a central place of honor, upon which are strung the beaded, belled and crystal twinkling prayers and sendoffs for the departed and the blessings and well wishes for those who have just been born. Behind the tree resides a monument to the Maiden and the Unicorn, and greeting the visitor to the Dell is a timeless Green Man, smiling from the dawn of pre-history.


Visitors are asked to bring contributions to the Dell: figures for placement among the trees, chimes to ring sweetly in the wind, and crystals to turn the pure sunlight into the many colors.



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