MLE 2016 Announced!


All right. It’s March 1 so that means the invites for MLE 2016 have gone out and boy is there a lot of work to do before the party.

First, there is a huge amount of cut branches and manzanita to burn, especially down around the Non Denominational Dell and the lower camp ground. (More about the Dell later.)

Second, there is a lot of work to be delivered on the “flat” part of the promise of flat and shady tent spots, especially up on the hill where the over-50 crowd will be hanging out.

So, pyro out for a few days, and spend a few days digging, moving and leveling several tons of dirt. This can be done.

I recently spent a lot of time with my dad before he died, and, it sort of being a running family joke about the physical exertions we were willing to undertake, way beyond the point of stupid, I made the quip that I spent my vacation time doing what other people called prison chain gang labor. He nodded knowingly.

I remember when he had a place up near Placerville, a big 2 story house, and he built a deck off the back of this big house, and then he started on the railing around the deck.

The deck was large. It was probably 80 or more feet in length wrapping around the back of the house, and he wanted to build a rail with fancy bevelled 2×4 running along the bottom, fancy bevelled 2×4 running along the top, and lathed rounded upright posts between the two set every 3 inches apart from the center.

That meant that he had to cut and lathe around 320 separate posts to build this otherwise merely utilitarian rail around the deck. He did, and it took forever.

So, my dad and I had a communication in that moment, and I hope you enjoy your nice flat shady camping area.



One thought on “MLE 2016 Announced!”

  1. Nice story, good service. I hope to enjoy that flatness.

    I have been spending as much quality time with my dad as possible these last few years, especially lately (we almost “lost” dad last summer, which is to say he got a cancer diagnosis and the surgery went well the the complications almost killed him).

    My experience is that this sort of communication between father and son is a very sweet and sacred thing.




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